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Department of Chemistry

Woman adjusting diffractometer

Services for your business

We have access to modern, industry-standard facilities and are able to offer valuable analytical services to your business.

We provide a range of analytical services, including NMR, mass spectrometry and X-ray diffraction, as well as bespoke manufacturing and repair services using our mechanical, electronic and glassblowing facilities.

The services we offer to businesses are detailed below.

Analytical services

The Department of Chemistry's diverse selection of analytical tools includes:

  • HPLC, GC, infrared and ultraviolet-visible measurements;
  • NMR instruments - a selection of liquid NMR instruments;
  • mass spectrometry - a large range of spectrometers to meet any need;
  • microanalysis - quick and competitive analysis from CHN to thermal gravimetric;
  • x-ray diffraction - from simple powder XRD measurements to full single analysis.


The Department has designed and repaired electronic equipment in the University's Alan Turing Building for years.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • general repairs;
  • design of control and interface electronics;
  • mass spectrometer controllers;
  • ultra-high vacuum gauge controllers.


The Department's glassblowing workshop is fully equipped for the production of specialised glassware to satisfy the needs of research groups and teaching laboratories in many departments around the University.

We cover all aspects of scientific glassblowing, including:

  • design and execution of custom glassware;
  • modifications and repairs of existing glassware;
  • vacuum systems and apparatus;
  • jacketed vessels;
  • glass electrodes;
  • electrochemical cells;
  • chromatography, sintered and jacketed columns;
  • soda, borosilicate and quartz glassware.

Mechanical services

Our mechanical workshop has produced and repaired various types of equipment for years. If you have a specialist piece of equipment that requires bespoke manufacturing or repairing, we're happy to provide you with a quote.

The mechanical services we offer include:

  • engineering design and manufacture in all materials (including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, wood and glass);
  • bespoke polypropylene, Perspex, nylon trays and enclosure manufacture;
  • repair and maintenance of rotary oil-filled, scroll and diaphragm vacuum pumps;
  • high and low pressure gas lines;
  • repair of laboratory equipment (including centrifuges, rotary evaporators, hot plate stirrers and freeze dryers);
  • TIG welding, brazing and silver soldering;
  • bespoke trolleys, tables in all materials;
  • pneumatic system design and installation;
  • bead blasting and metal polishing.