Chemistry with Study in North America (4 Years) [MChem]

This course gives you the chance to combine a MChem qualification with the experience of living and learning for a year in a North American university. You will gain all the benefits of year 1 and 2 chemistry core, with the chance in year 3 to travel to North America before returning to Manchester and continuing towards your masters qualification.

This particular course holds many benefits if you wish to pursue an academically demanding programme, while at the same time experiencing life, work and a culture away from the UK.  It is therefore important that your progress is monitored closely in the first two years of the course.

Year 1 and 2 - the common core
Year 3
Year 4
  • You follow the standard core course in the first two years. Here we establish the foundations of the subject through lectures, problem classes, group work and tutorial sessions. A material covered in these sessions is brought to life in newly designed laboratory courses, which are held in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art teaching laboratories.

    At the end of your second year, you can elect whether to study for a three-year BSc (Hons) Chemistry degree, a four-year MChem (Hons) Chemistry degree, or the four-year MChem (Hons) Chemistry with Study in North America degree.

    Eligibility for continuation on the North America course is dependent upon your performance over the first two years (based upon examination and coursework) and is at the discretion of the School of Chemistry. If you have made good progress during your first two years at Manchester, you will transfer to a North American university for the third year of your course, a process that is administered by our University’s Study Abroad Unit in consultation with the appropriate course director in the School of Chemistry.

  • There are a range of North American universities that you can choose to spend this year with, including: University of California; Arizona State University; University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign); University of Missouri at Columbia; University of Tennessee at Knoxville; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; or McGill University, Montreal.

    We choose our North American partners on the basis of their academic standing and their ability to provide an overall educational experience similar to that of Manchester. We regularly review our partner universities to ensure that your educational experience is not compromised during your year abroad.  As such it is important to note that our list of host institutions may change as part of this auditing exercise.  

    During your year abroad you will effectively be a student of the host institution. You will follow a course that is broadly similar to that delivered to the third-year students who stay in Manchester, but you may be able to study options that are not currently available at Manchester.  The course you follow will be carefully chosen to ensure that your educational development is at the correct level. Your placement year will be fully assessed by the North American university and will involve coursework, laboratory classes and examinations.

    Both your course director and our Study Abroad Unit will be in email contact with you during your stay, providing help and support when necessary. The Study Abroad Unit offers information about the financial aspects of your year abroad and links to partner universities’ web pages.  

    A number of our students extend their visits in order to take up research internships at their host University, and this is an outcome which we encourage.

  • On returning to Manchester you will continue your studies in line with the Chemistry MChem (Hons) course. You will carry out an extended project associated with one of the research groups in our School, take advanced chemistry course units and other specialist lectures chosen in consultation with your project supervisor.

    This degree satisfies the requirements for professional recognition by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Why Chemistry at Manchester?

  • PASS sessions, a scheme which we have found to be an immensely beneficial way of supporting student learning, means that third and fourth year students are on hand to aid first years.
  • Internationally renowned research covering the full spectrum of chemical activity, ensuring taught courses are based on the latest knowledge.
  • Wide portfolio of degrees, including options such as year-long industrial placements and study in Europe or North America.
  • Our School has an impressive international standing: the 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, places Manchester as the top UK university outside Oxbridge and London.

Where are they now?

Katayune Presland
Chemistry with International Study (4 Years) [MChem]

"Despite the large year group there is a great level of support, be that the PASS tutors of 3rd/4th year undergrads, postgraduate demonstrators or academic staff with organic, inorganic, physical and personal tutors."

Staff spotlight

Peter Quayle
Course Director of Chemistry with International Study (4 Years) [MChem]

"The chance to do a research project in world class research groups one of the major attractions of our course."

What our students say

Anna Taylor
Chemistry with International Study (4 Years) [MChem]

"It was obvious that I was going to have a brilliant time early on as the city has so much to offer."

Did you know?

100% of students agreed that this course was well organised and ran smoothly.
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