Meet our alumni

What can you expect the future to hold once you’ve completed your research degree? We asked a few of our alumni to share what they’re up to now. Find out more below:

Alumni Conrad Godwin

Conrad Godwin

Conrad Godwin is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Doctoral Prize Fellow at the University of Manchester, and works in Inorganic Chemistry. As an academic researcher, he has completed his studies and now has his own funding with which to pursue his independent research. Read more...

It was one of the few places in the UK where synthetic chemistry and the study of the actinides was happening, and I decided that was the type of research I wanted to do.

Alumni Greg Horne

Greg Horne

Greg Horne is a joint Postdoctoral Research Fellow studying radiation chemistry at California State University Long Beach and The University of Notre Dame’s Radiation Research Laboratory. Read more...

The Nuclear FiRST DTC took care of everything, allowing me to start up my research in the then-new Dalton Cumbrian Radiation Research Facility.

Alumni Nick Chilton

Nick Chilton

Dr Nick Chilton is a Ramsay Memorial Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry. He gives lecturers both in the UK and abroad, teaches MChem and leads his own research group. Read more...

The University of Manchester has a fantastic international reputation, as well as being a world-leading department in my field of interest - molecular magnetism.

Alumni Rebecca Ruscoe

Rebecca Ruscoe

Rebecca Ruscoe is currently completing her PhD studies at The University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry. Following this, she will take up a Research Associate post at The University of Nottingham. Read more...

The role is problem-based, which can be frustrating at times, but with commitment and hard work you can reach a solution. This is a very satisfying feeling and gives you a real buzz!

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