Whether you have a firm career plan or not, a chemistry degree offers a broad range of career prospects.

Chemists are in high demand across a range of sectors and our graduates have landed roles in a plethora of industries, from R&D roles at the cutting-edge of science through to working in the media.

This is because a chemistry degree proves you possess a certain skill set, which includes:

  • Ability to analyse problems and create novel solutions
  • Ability to interpret and process large amounts of complex information to make reasoned judgements
  • Communicating ideas to mixed audiences of varying understanding

We have a dedicated careers team who provide support to the School, including our specialist Careers Consultant Karen Butterworth and our Graduate Employability Intern Nick Wilshaw. Working alongside the University's Careers Service the team creates bespoke skills workshops and networking events to help you explore your options and enhance your skills.

What's more, our Transferable Skills Module offers you the opportunity for interactive activities such as peer-to-peer panel events so you can find out hints and tips for things such as finding summer placements, and writing your CV.

On these pages you will find a variety of information and advice relevant to different aspects of your career search and level of study.

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