Peter Davies

The support I’ve had along the way has been exceptional; the placements team provide everything from CV evaluation to practice interviews and assessment centres

Why did you choose your course?

I’ve been interested in science for as long as I can remember and Chemistry, for me, has the perfect mix of theory and practicality to keep me striving to learn more.


What A Levels did you study?

Chemistry, Maths and Physics


Why did you choose The University of Manchester?

I was really blown away when I attended an open day here; the atmosphere is perfect for any student, young or mature. The library and other study spaces dotted around campus are perfect for when you want to get your head down and work whilst the cafés and restaurants nearby offer a place to relax for a well-deserved break.


What is the best thing about The University of Manchester? (E.g accommodation, teaching, community etc)

The number one thing for me is the diversity, because of its size and reputation The University of Manchester has some of the best teaching staff and facilities you could wish for, equipped to cover almost any area of research. The university also attracts a wide variety of students from all over the world so you’re never hard-pressed to find people you share common ground with.

Are you involved in any clubs or societies, and if so what are they?

I’m a member of various charity societies and some other less serious ones such as The Obscure Board Games Society. Many of them are free to join, are always putting on events and socials and are great places to meet likeminded people.

What is student life in Manchester like?

I’ve always said that Manchester really has something for everyone, whether you’re into going out to a club (of which there are too many to count) or socialising with your friends at a quiet bar, into sampling the delights of the cities vibrant shopping district or attending one of the many theatres and cinemas that Manchester has to offer, you’ll always find something to pass the time. It’s also cheap enough that you aren’t begging the bank for an overdraft a week after freshers.

Are you preparing to spend, or have you already spent a year in industry or a year abroad? What support are you receiving / did you receive with this? What did you gain from your year out?

Yes, as of July this year I will be working full time at an R&D contracting company where I’ll be treated as a paid employee with my own project and a respectable salary. I think it’s a great way not only to get a grasp of how the content you learn at university can be applied to industry, but also to decide whether or not that industry, or any industry at all for that matter, is somewhere that you’d like to work after completing your degree. The support I’ve had along the way has been exceptional; the placements team provide everything from CV evaluation to practice interviews and assessment centres. They really have been a big help and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without them.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to The University of Manchester?

Apply! You won’t regret it, I know I haven’t. If you want to study at one of the best universities in the country, whilst living in a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, there really isn’t anywhere quite like it. 

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