Jonathan Aze

The course is really enjoyable, it strikes the right balance between being challenging, interesting and informative.

Why did you choose your course?

I’ve always enjoyed chemistry and it’s pretty consistently been the subject I’ve performed best in. Additionally, there are a wide range of jobs available for chemists, both in the chemical industry and in the wider world of work.

I specifically chose the industrial experience course because I thought having done a year’s working as a chemist as part of my degree might give me an advantage when applying for a job after I’ve graduated.


What A Levels did you study?

Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry


Why did you choose The University of Manchester?

I just liked the best of the universities I looked at. The large size of the University and the department gives it some unique advantages. For example, it allows undergraduate chemists to have access to equipment they wouldn’t be able to in most other universities. At the Open Day I got the impression the University cared about its students and really wanted you to come there. Also, the labs and other facilities looked modern and well equipped.


What is the best thing about The University of Manchester? 

There’s so much it’s hard to say just one thing. The city itself is great, it’s cheap to live in but there’s always plenty going on. The course is really enjoyable, it strikes the right balance between being challenging, interesting and informative.


Are you involved in any clubs or societies, and if so what are they?

I occasionally go on trips with the hiking society, and have done a few events with Action Palestine.


What is student life in Manchester like?

The large number of students in Manchester makes you feel like students are an important part of the city wherever you go. Manchester is such a big and diverse city there’s something for everyone.


Are you preparing to spend, or have you already spent a year in industry or a year abroad?

Next year I will do a year’s industrial placement at Sellafield, the site of Britain’s first nuclear power station. The chemistry department offer loads of support for anyone applying for industrial placements. They have a list online of everywhere that is advertising for placement students, which is frequently updated. The careers office will read through your covering letter and CV and offer helpful suggestions for improvements if you email them. Practice interviews are also part of the course.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to The University of Manchester?

Make sure you enjoy yourself in your first year. Make an effort to try something new while you’re here.

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