Dr Patrick O'malley (BSc, PhD, H.D.E, D. Sc) - research


Research Statement


 I have published widely in the area of EPR/ENDOR  spectroscopy and also in the computational chemistry area of Density Functional Theory (DFT). My main area of application interest is the  characterisation of  free radical intermediates in the electron transfer reactions of photosynthesis.


I have made many significant high impact contributions in this area and I highlight some of these below:


·         My analysis of powder ENDOR spectra of semiquinones showed how anisotropic couplings could be obtained from such spectra. This was a significant finding as it has led to the extension of this analysis to many similar radicals in other systems and is used widely to this day. Of particular interest here was my demonstration that hydrogen bonding protons could be detected using ENDOR spectroscopy. This has particular significance for biological free radicals whose properties are often controlled by hydrogen bonding interactions. In addition I  showed that the principal components of the hyperfine interaction tensor could be retrieved for alpha and beta protons from powder ENDOR spectra. This is now a standard way of characterising these free radicals,  particularly in biological systems.


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