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  • Subaihi, A., Muhamad Ali, H., Mutter, S., Blanch, E., Ellis, D., & Goodacre, R. (2017). Quantitative detection of codeine in human plasma using surface enhance Raman scattering via adaptation of the isotopic labelling principle. Analyst. . Publication link: 7aa61453-2ac4-4a2b-89fe-5b77afa616e5


  • Sayqal, A., Xu, Y., Trivedi, D., Almasoud, N., Ellis, D., Muhamadali, H., ... Goodacre, R. (2016). Metabolic analysis of the response of Pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E strains to toluene using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Metabolomics, 12(112), [14]. DOI: 10.1007/s11306-016-1054-1. Publication link: bfe6a9dc-2c0f-40de-82d9-fbf9a5a1b715
  • Muhamadali, H., Subaihi, A., Mohammadtaheri, M., Xu, Y., Ellis, D. I., Ramanathan, R., ... Goodacre, R. (2016). Rapid, accurate, and comparative differentiation of clinically and industrially relevant microorganisms: Via multiple vibrational spectroscopic fingerprinting. Analyst, 141(17), 5127-5136. DOI: 10.1039/c6an00883f. Publication link: f1f1b74b-d4a3-4647-a1b6-4ec3f2bfa22e
  • Ogbaga, C., Stepien, P., Dyson, B., Rattray, N., Ellis, D., Goodacre, R., & Johnson, G. (2016). Biochemical analyses of sorghum varieties reveal differential responses to drought. PLoS ONE, 11(5), [e015442]. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0154423. Publication link: 184d7adb-4e47-49ca-a457-7cf995cddcf2
  • Subaihi, A., Almanqur, L., Muhamad Ali, H., Almasoud, N., Ellis, D., Trivedi, D., ... Goodacre, R. (2016). Rapid, accurate, and quantitative detection of propranolol in multiple human biofluids via surface-enhanced Raman scattering. Analytical Chemistry. . Publication link: 24c2ff74-ffbf-46f4-8c0e-de45fd73dd8a
  • Ellis, D., Ellis, J., Muhamad Ali, H., Xu, Y., Horn, A., & Goodacre, R. (2016). Rapid, high-throughput, and quantitative determination of orange juice adulteration by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy. Analytical Methods, 8(28), 5581-5586 . DOI: 10.1039/C6AY01480A . Publication link: 00840b6d-8447-455a-8c0e-488b48f21543
  • Almasoud, N., Xu, Y., Ellis, D., Rooney, P., Turton, J., & Goodacre, R. (2016). Rapid discrimination of Enterococcus faecium strains using phenotypic analytical techniques and advanced chemometrics. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. . Publication link: 96c808e4-251d-4816-ab32-20e2d2f5adf3
  • AlMasoud, N., Xu, Y., Ellis, D., Rooney, P., Turton, J., & Goodacre, R. (2016). Rapid discrimination of Enterococcus faecium strains using phenotypic analytical techniques. Analytical Methods. . Publication link: 9043f7e2-99fa-4e0c-b8c4-9c540ac9bba7
  • Trivedi, D. K., Hollywood, K. A., Rattray, N. J. W., Ward, H., Trivedi, D. K., Greenwood, J., ... Goodacre, R. (2016). Meat, the metabolites: an integrated metabolite profiling and lipidomics approach for the detection of the adulteration of beef with pork. The Analyst, 141(7), 2155-2164. DOI: 10.1039/C6AN00108D, 10.1039/c6an00108d. Publication link: 8e084512-a66c-420a-a4bb-1479125cb87f | PubMed:26911805
  • Ellis, D. I., & Goodacre, R. (2016). Detecting food authenticity and integrity. Analytical Methods, 8(16), 3281-3283. DOI: 10.1039/c6ay90015a. Publication link: 6a70deae-74f3-464a-9b98-30e35142a9e1
  • Sayqal, A., Xu, Y., Trivedi, D., AlMasoud, N., Ellis, D., & Goodacre, R. (2016). Metabolic fingerprinting of Pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E strains: understanding the influence of divalent cations in adaptation mechanisms following exposure to toluene. Metabolites, 6(2). DOI: 10.3390/metabo6020014. Publication link: 6a756be1-edd0-4cb9-a980-63b0e91e2005
  • Sayqal, A., Xu, Y., Trivedi, D. K., Almasoud, N., Ellis, D. I., Rattray, N., & Goodacre, R. (2016). Metabolomics analysis reveals the participation of efflux pumps and ornithine in the response of pseudomonas putida DOT-T1E cells to challenge with propranolol. PLoS ONE, 11(6), [e0156509]. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0156509. Publication link: 5f0cf820-5fec-4365-81a4-f42cc74f50b5
  • Ellis, D., Muhamad Ali, H., Allen, D., Elliott, C. T., & Goodacre, R. (2016). A flavour of omics approaches for the detection of food fraud. Current Opinion in Food Science, 10, 7-15. DOI: 10.1016/j.cofs.2016.07.002. Publication link: 4fda7096-13c2-4d82-b822-6cff1ae7341e


  • Muhamadali, H., Weaver, D., Subaihi, A., AlMasoud, N., Trivedi, D. K., Ellis, D. I., ... Goodacre, R. (2015). Chicken, beams, and Campylobacter: rapid differentiation of foodborne bacteria via vibrational spectroscopy and MALDI-mass spectrometry.: rapid differentiation of foodborne bacteria via vibrational spectroscopy and MALDI-mass spectrometry. The Analyst, 141(1), 111-122. DOI: 10.1039/c5an01945a, 10.1039/c5an01945a. Publication link: 5dfa3a53-8e08-46b4-9799-8aed6663fbe5 | PubMed:26523729
  • Ellis, D. I., Muhamadali, H., Haughey, S. A., Elliott, C. T., & Goodacre, R. (2015). Point-and-shoot: rapid quantitative detection methods for on-site food fraud analysis - moving out of the laboratory and into the food supply chain.Analytical Methods. DOI: 10.1039/C5AY02048D. Publication link: 66a5e512-0694-46c6-99d8-b49c4e4ee5fd
  • Gromski, P. S., Muhamadali, H., Ellis, D. I., Xu, Y., Correa, E., Turner, M. L., & Goodacre, R. (2015). A tutorial review: Metabolomics and partial least squares-discriminant analysis - a marriage of convenience or a shotgun wedding. Analytica Chimica Acta, 879, 10-23. DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2015.02.012. Publication link: 72f6c73d-9f4c-4901-a6f8-7c0448ba9d56
  • Dunn, W., Lin, W., Broadhurst, D., Begley, P., Brown, M., Zelena, E., ... Kell, D. (2015). Molecular phenotyping of a UK population: defining the human serum metabolome. Metabolomics, 11(1), 9-26. DOI: 10.1007/s11306-014-0707-1. Publication link: 8e87b0d3-198c-4b62-97c3-785abd612dc8 | PubMed:25598764
  • Muhamadali, H., Xu, Y., Ellis, D. I., Allwood, W., Rattray, N. J. W., Correa, E., ... Goodacre, R. (2015). Metabolic profiling of Geobacter sulfurreducens during scale-up. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81(10), 3288-3298. DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00294-15. Publication link: e3bd2532-c37d-423a-b55e-7b028d7ad79d


  • Gromski, P. S., Xu, Y., Correa, E., Ellis, D. I., Turner, M. L., & Goodacre, R. (2014). A comparative investigation of modern feature selection and classification approaches for the analysis of mass spectrometry data. Analytica Chimica Acta, 829, 1-8. DOI: 10.1016/j.aca.2014.03.039. Publication link: 25ac319d-4128-4079-9fce-a4f48d75dec2 | PubMed:24856395


  • Ellis, D., Brewster, V., Dunn, W., Allwood, J., Golovanov, A., & Goodacre, R. (2012). Fingerprinting food: Current technologies for the detection of food adulteration and contamination. Chemical Society Reviews, 41(17), 5706-5727. DOI: 10.1039/c2cs35138b. Publication link: b51a1d9b-153a-4c5d-bc12-c2f8d30944f3 | PubMed:22729179

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