Staff - Technical support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr Adam Brookfield Epr Technician 
Mr Terence Hayward Technician 
Dr Stephen O'hagan Computer Officer 0161-3064562 
Mrs Rehana Sung Analytical Support 0161-3065185 
Mr Andrew Tucker Technician (mechanical Services) 
Mr Sam Mottley Electronics Technician 0161-2754641 Alan Turing Building 
Mr Siraj Mohamed System Support Officer 0161-2754641 Alan Turing Building - 2.318 
Mr Steve Mottley Senior Systems Manager 0161-2754641 Alan Turing Building - 2.318 
Mr Richard Pallister Systems Support Officer 0161-2754641 Alan Turing Building - 2.318 
Mr Simon Holden School Safety Advisor Chemistry Building 
Mr Mark Mullin Stores Co-ordinator 0161-3060584 Chemistry Building 
Mr James Taylor General Support Technician Chemistry Building 
Mrs Ludmila Timco Technician (measurements Laboratory) Chemistry Building 
Mr Christopher Turnbull Deputy Safety Advisor 0161-2757851 Chemistry Building - 0.29D 
Mr Delroy Flemmings Teaching Laboratory Technician 0161-2754645 Chemistry Building - 1.046 
Mr Ian Goodbody Technician Measurements Teaching Laboratory 0161-2754645 Chemistry Building - 1.046 
Mr Keith Nixon Research Technician 0161-2754718 Chemistry Building - 1.075 
Mr Graham Booth Teaching Laboratories Manager 0161-3064581 Chemistry Building - 2.045 
Mr Michael Hughes Technician: Teaching 0161-3064581 Chemistry Building - 2.045 
Ms Valerie Bruyr Research Technician 0161-2751928 Chemistry Building - 4.06 
Mrs Anne Davies Analytical Technician 0161-2754595 Chemistry Building - 4.22 
Mr Martin Jennings Microanalysis Laboratory Manager 0161-2754595 Chemistry Building - 4.22 
Mrs Katie Law Research Technician 0161-2754662 Chemistry Building - 5.29 
Dr Christopher Muryn Head of Research Instrumentation 0161-2751418 Chemistry Building - 5.60 
Dr Inigo Vitorica-Yrezabal Experimental Officer (x-ray Diffraction) 0161-2751408 Chemistry Building - 5.62 
Dr Mark Vincent Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2754703 Chemistry Building - 7.20 
Mr Daryl Bamber Nmr Technician 0161-2754581 Chemistry Building - B.12.A 
Mr Michael Carroll Technical Service Manager 0161-2754742 Chemistry Building - G.029C 
Mr Alan Beaver Stores Technician 0161-2754607 Chemistry Building - G.31 STORES 
Dr Barbara Gore Senior Experimental Officer 0161-54603/54581 Chemistry Building - G.37 
Dr Ilya Strashnov Head of Mass-Spectrometry and Optical Facilities 0161-2754599 Chemistry Building - GE-003 
Miss Emma Enston Analytical Technician 0161-54599/54583 Chemistry Building - GE.003 
Mr Mohammed Maqsood Analytical Technician 0161-2754599 Chemistry Building - GE.003 
Mr Gareth Smith Technician 0161-2754599 Chemistry Building - GE.003 
Mrs Carole Webb Technician 0161-54583/54599 Chemistry Building - GE.012 
Dr Abbas Askari Laboratory Technician 0161-2754645 Chemistry Building - TEACHING LABORATORIES, 1.046 
Dr David Ellis Senior Experimental Officer John Garside Building - MIB 
Mr Christopher Slann Deputy Engineering Manager 0161-3062427 Schuster Building - G26H 
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