Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mrs Meriel Maddocks Outreach Administrator (Mon-Thurs only) 0161-2754686 Chemistry Building - G.027 
Mrs Rachael Barker Head of School Administration 0161-2751424 Chemistry Building - 2.28 
Miss Karen Charters Student Experience Manager 0161-3064417 Chemistry Building - G.024 
Mrs Julie Cowley Executive Assistant to Professor D B Kell 0161-3064575 
Ms Angela Dermody Education Administrator (Monday to Wednesday) 0161-3069260 Chemistry Building - G .020 
Mrs Tasleem Hanif Senior Recruitment & Admissions Administrator 0161-3069279 Chemistry Building 
Mrs Catherine Starkie PA/Administrative Secretary Chemistry Building 
Mrs Cassandra Kenny Research Support Officer 0161-3068150 Chemistry Building 
Mrs Helen Kreissl Education Administrator 0161-3060582 Chemistry Building - G.020 
Mrs Christine Martyniuk Recruitment and Admissions Administrator 0161-3069271 Chemistry Building - G.023 
Miss Seena Patel Administrative Secretary 0161-2754614 Chemistry Building - G.020 
Dr Katayune Presland RSC NW Education Coordinator 0161-3060563 Chemistry Building - G.028 
Mr Matthew Pumford Postgraduate Recruitment & Admissions Administrator 0161-2751423 Chemistry Building - G.022 
Mrs Paula Tipton CoEBio3 Office Administrator and PA to Prof Nick Turner, Director of CoEBio3 0161-3065100 
Mrs Emma Turnbull Education Administration Assistant 0161-2751881 Chemistry Building 
Miss Abigail Webb Education Officer 0161-3060636 Chemistry Building - G.020 
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