Staff - Academic staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Ralph Adams Research Fellow 0161-3060389 Chemistry Building 
Dr Jonathan Agger Teaching Fellow 0161-2754681 Chemistry Building - 1.60 
Dr Andrew Almond Reader John Garside Building 
Prof Mike Anderson Professor of Materials Chemistry 0161-3064517 Chemistry Building - 2.64 
Dr Martin Attfield Senior Lecturer 0161-3064467 Chemistry Building - 2.065 
Dr Aliaksandr Baidak Research Fellow & Lecturer 
Prof Perdita Barran Professor of Mass Spectrometry, Director of the Michael Barber Centre for Collaborative Mass Spectrometry 0161-2750256 
Prof. dr. Rainer Breitling Professor of Systems Biology 0161-3065117 John Garside Building - 2.010 
Dr Alan Brisdon Senior Lecturer 0161-3064459 Chemistry Building - 4.02H 
Prof Peter Budd Professor 0161-2754711 Chemistry Building - 1.31 
Dr Jordi Bures Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 2754634 Chemistry Building - OFFICE 4.02G 
Dr Neil Burton Reader 0161-2754684 Chemistry Building - 7.32 
Prof Cinzia Casiraghi Professor in Nanoscience 0161-2751327 Chemistry Building - 1.61 
Dr Nicholas Chilton Research Fellow 0161-2754584 Chemistry Building - 7.20 
Dr Benjamin Coe Reader 0161-2754601 Chemistry Building - 5.59 
Prof David Collison Professor Of Inorganic Chemistry 0161-2754660 Chemistry Building - 4.02F 
Dr Guillaume De Bo Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-2751428 Chemistry Building - 1.062 
Prof Melissa Denecke Scientific Director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-64302/64507 Pariser Building - FLOOR G. 
Dr Neil Dixon Senior Lecturer 0161-3064537 John Garside Building - G.025 
Prof Andrew Doig Professor 
Prof Robert Dryfe Professor 0161-3064522 Chemistry Building - 2.064 
Dr Alistair Fielding Bruker Applications Scientist/Senior Lecturer 0161-2751013 Alan Turing Building - 3.316 
Prof Sabine Flitsch Professor 0161-3065172 
Dr John Gardiner SL John Garside Building 
Dr Alexander Golovanov Senior Lecturer John Garside Building 
Prof Roy Goodacre Professor of Biological Chemistry 0161-3064480 John Garside Building - 2.027 
Dr Peter Gorry Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Tutor for Admissions 0161-2754676 Chemistry Building - 7.30 
Prof Michael Greaney Professor of Organic Chemistry 0161-2751310 Chemistry Building - 4.20B 
Dr Anthony Green David Phillips Research Fellow and Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 0161-3065140 John Garside Building - 2.023 
Dr Sam Hay Senior Lecturer John Garside Building 
Prof Sarah Heath Professor of Nuclear Chemistry 0161-2754545 Pariser Building - DALTON NI G FLOOR 
Dr Richard Henchman Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 0161-3065194 
Prof Ian Hillier Emeritus Professor 
Prof Andrew Horn Professor of Chemical Education 0161-2754618 Chemistry Building - 2.062 
Dr Michael Ingleson Reader and Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-3060580 Chemistry Building - 4.02K 
Dr Alex Jones Honorary Research Fellow 
Prof Nikolas Kaltsoyannis Professor and Head of Computational Chemistry and co-Director, Centre for Radiochemistry Research 0161-2754692 Chemistry Building - 7.21 
Prof Douglas Kell Professor of Bioanalytical Science 0161-3064492 John Garside Building - 3.017 
Prof Igor Larrosa Chair in Organic Chemistry Chemistry Building 
Dr Gareth Law Senior Lecturer in Analytical Radiochemistry 0161-3060514 Chemistry Building - 5.56 
Prof Richard Layfield Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 0161-3060567 Chemistry Building - 5.55 
Prof David Leigh Royal Society Research Professor & Sir Samuel Hall Professor of Chemistry 0161-2751926 Chemistry Building - 4.17B 
Dr Daniele Leonori Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 0161-2754754 Chemistry Building - 6.20 
Prof David Leys Professor of Structural Biology John Garside Building - G.021 
Prof Steve Liddle Professor and Head of Inorganic Chemistry and Co-Director of the Centre for Radiochemistry Research 0161-2754612 Chemistry Building - 2.26 
Prof Francis Livens Interim Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-2754325 Pariser Building - FLOOR G 
Dr Nicholas Lockyer Reader 0161-3064479 John Garside Building 
Dr Frank Mair Senior Lecturer 0161-3064551 Chemistry Building - 65 
Dr Joseph McDouall Reader 0161-2754720 Chemistry Building - 7.33 
Prof Eric Mcinnes Professor Of Inorganic Chemistry 0161-2754469 Chemistry Building - 3.30 
Prof Jason Micklefield Professor of Chemical Biology 0161-3064509 
Dr David Mills Senior Lecturer 0161-2754606 Chemistry Building - 5.57 
Prof Gareth Morris Professor of Physical Chemistry 0161-2754665 Chemistry Building - 7.19 
Prof Klaus Muller-dethlefs Visitor 0161-2751050 Alan Turing Building - 2.324 
Prof Andrew Munro Professor 0161-3065151 John Garside Building - 3.026 
Dr Louise Natrajan Reader 0161-2751426 Chemistry Building - 4.02E 
Dr Mathias Nilsson Reader in Physical Chemistry Chemistry Building - 7.34 
Dr Patrick O'malley Reader 0161-3064536 Chemistry Building - 7.29 patrick.o' 
Dr Nathan Owston Lecturer in Chemistry 0161-2751315 Chemistry Building - 5.31 
Dr Carolyn Pearce Visitor 
Prof Simon Pimblott Professor of Radiation Chemistry & Director, Dalton Cumbrian Facility Westlakes Science And Technology Park - 1.011 
Prof Paul Popelier Professor of Chemical Theory and Computation 0161-3064511 
Prof David Procter Professor of Organic Chemistry 0161-2751425 Chemistry Building - 4.19 
Prof Garry Procter Emeritus Professor 
Dr Alexander Pulis Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 0161-2754653 Chemistry Building - 1.066 
Dr Peter Quayle Senior Lecturer 0161-2754619 Chemistry Building - 1.064 
Dr Andrew Regan Senior Lecturer 0161-2754617 Chemistry Building - 3.31 
Dr Philip Riby Reader in Analytical Chemistry 0161-3064448 Chemistry Building - 7.25 
Dr Imogen Riddell Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellow 0161-3064516 Chemistry Building - 4.02J 
Prof Martin Schroder Vice President and Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering 0161-3069119 Sackville Street Building - B1 
Prof Nigel Scrutton Professor and Director of Manchester Institute of Biotechnology 0161-3065152 
Dr Jennifer Slaughter Staff 0161-2751316 Chemistry Building - 5.33 
Prof Eriko Takano Professor of Synthetic Biology 0161-3064419 John Garside Building - 2.028 
Dr Grigore Timco Research Fellow & Honorary Reader 0161-2757855 Chemistry Building - 3.36 
Mrs Ludmila Timco Technician (measurements Laboratory) Chemistry Building 
Dr Floriana Tuna Senior Research Fellow 0161-2751005 Alan Turing Building - 3.320 
Dr Kristy Turner Visitor 0161-3060587 Chemistry Building 
Prof Michael Turner Professor of Materials Chemistry 0161-2754625 Chemistry Building - 1.24 
Prof Nicholas Turner Professor 0161-3065173 John Garside Building 
Dr Timothy Wallace Honorary Senior Lecturer 0161-3064521 Chemistry Building - 2.061 
Prof Jonathan Waltho Professor of Biophysics 0161-3064191 John Garside Building - G031 
Dr Alex Walton Research Fellow Alan Turing Building 
Dr Jim Warwicker Reader 0161-3064490 
Dr Simon Webb Reader in Chemistry, Director of Research 0161-3064524 John Garside Building - G.019 
Dr Roger Whitehead Senior Lecturer in Organic and Biological Chemistry 0161-2757856 Chemistry Building - 3.32 
Prof Richard Winpenny Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 0161-2754654 Chemistry Building - 2.27 
Dr Lu Shin Wong Lecturer 0161-3068939 John Garside Building - 2.014 
Dr Sihai Yang Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry 0161-2751066 Chemistry Building - 4.02C 
Prof Stephen Yeates Professor of Polymer Chemistry 0161-2751421 Chemistry Building - 1.26 
Dr Jolanda van Munster BBSRC Research Fellow 
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