Staff - Academic staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Aliaksandr Baidak Research Fellow & Lecturer 
Prof Perdita Barran Professor of Mass Spectrometry, Director of the Michael Barber Centre for Collaborative Mass Spectrometry 0161-2750256 
Prof Andrew Doig Professor 
Prof Sabine Flitsch Professor 0161-3065172 
Dr Richard Henchman Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Chemistry 0161-3065194 
Prof Ian Hillier Emeritus Professor 
Dr Alex Jones Honorary Research Fellow 
Prof Jason Micklefield Professor of Chemical Biology 0161-3064509 
Dr Carolyn Pearce Visitor 
Prof Paul Popelier Professor of Chemical Theory and Computation 0161-3064511 
Prof Garry Procter Emeritus Professor 
Prof Nigel Scrutton Professor and Director of Manchester Institute of Biotechnology 0161-3065152 
Dr Jim Warwicker Reader 0161-3064490 
Dr Jolanda van Munster BBSRC Research Fellow 
Dr Alex Walton Research Fellow Alan Turing Building 
Prof Klaus Muller-dethlefs Visitor 0161-2751050 Alan Turing Building - 2.324 
Dr Alistair Fielding Bruker Applications Scientist/Senior Lecturer 0161-2751013 Alan Turing Building - 3.316 
Dr Floriana Tuna Senior Research Fellow 0161-2751005 Alan Turing Building - 3.320 
Dr Ralph Adams Research Fellow 0161-3060389 Chemistry Building 
Prof Igor Larrosa Chair in Organic Chemistry Chemistry Building 
Mrs Ludmila Timco Technician (measurements Laboratory) Chemistry Building 
Dr Kristy Turner Visitor 0161-3060587 Chemistry Building 
Dr Guillaume De Bo Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-2751428 Chemistry Building - 1.062 
Dr Peter Quayle Senior Lecturer 0161-2754619 Chemistry Building - 1.064 
Dr Alexander Pulis Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 0161-2754653 Chemistry Building - 1.066 
Prof Michael Turner Professor of Materials Chemistry 0161-2754625 Chemistry Building - 1.24 
Prof Stephen Yeates Professor of Polymer Chemistry 0161-2751421 Chemistry Building - 1.26 
Prof Peter Budd Professor 0161-2754711 Chemistry Building - 1.31 
Dr Jonathan Agger Teaching Fellow 0161-2754681 Chemistry Building - 1.60 
Prof Cinzia Casiraghi Professor in Nanoscience 0161-2751327 Chemistry Building - 1.61 
Dr Timothy Wallace Honorary Senior Lecturer 0161-3064521 Chemistry Building - 2.061 
Prof Andrew Horn Professor of Chemical Education 0161-2754618 Chemistry Building - 2.062 
Prof Robert Dryfe Professor 0161-3064522 Chemistry Building - 2.064 
Dr Martin Attfield Senior Lecturer 0161-3064467 Chemistry Building - 2.065 
Prof Steve Liddle Professor and Head of Inorganic Chemistry and Co-Director of the Centre for Radiochemistry Research 0161-2754612 Chemistry Building - 2.26 
Prof Richard Winpenny Head of School of Chemistry 0161-2754654 Chemistry Building - 2.27 
Prof Mike Anderson Professor of Materials Chemistry 0161-3064517 Chemistry Building - 2.64 
Prof Eric Mcinnes Professor Of Inorganic Chemistry 0161-2754469 Chemistry Building - 3.30 
Dr Andrew Regan Senior Lecturer 0161-2754617 Chemistry Building - 3.31 
Dr Roger Whitehead Senior Lecturer in Organic and Biological Chemistry 0161-2757856 Chemistry Building - 3.32 
Dr Grigore Timco Research Fellow & Honorary Reader 0161-2757855 Chemistry Building - 3.36 
Dr Sihai Yang Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry 0161-2751066 Chemistry Building - 4.02C 
Dr Louise Natrajan Reader 0161-2751426 Chemistry Building - 4.02E 
Prof David Collison Professor Of Inorganic Chemistry 0161-2754660 Chemistry Building - 4.02F 
Dr Alan Brisdon Senior Lecturer 0161-3064459 Chemistry Building - 4.02H 
Dr Imogen Riddell Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellow 0161-3064516 Chemistry Building - 4.02J 
Dr Michael Ingleson Reader and Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-3060580 Chemistry Building - 4.02K 
Prof David Leigh Royal Society Research Professor & Sir Samuel Hall Professor of Chemistry 0161-2751926 Chemistry Building - 4.17B 
Prof David Procter Professor of Organic Chemistry 0161-2751425 Chemistry Building - 4.19 
Prof Michael Greaney Professor of Organic Chemistry 0161-2751310 Chemistry Building - 4.20B 
Dr Nathan Owston Lecturer in Chemistry 0161-2751315 Chemistry Building - 5.31 
Dr Jennifer Slaughter Staff 0161-2751316 Chemistry Building - 5.33 
Prof Richard Layfield Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 0161-3060567 Chemistry Building - 5.55 
Dr Gareth Law Senior Lecturer in Analytical Radiochemistry 0161-3060514 Chemistry Building - 5.56 
Dr David Mills Senior Lecturer 0161-2754606 Chemistry Building - 5.57 
Dr Benjamin Coe Reader 0161-2754601 Chemistry Building - 5.59 
Dr Daniele Leonori Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 0161-2754754 Chemistry Building - 6.20 
Dr Frank Mair Senior Lecturer 0161-3064551 Chemistry Building - 65 
Prof Gareth Morris Professor of Physical Chemistry 0161-2754665 Chemistry Building - 7.19 
Dr Nicholas Chilton Research Fellow 0161-2754584 Chemistry Building - 7.20 
Prof Nikolas Kaltsoyannis Professor and Head of Computational Chemistry and co-Director, Centre for Radiochemistry Research 0161-2754692 Chemistry Building - 7.21 
Dr Philip Riby Reader in Analytical Chemistry 0161-3064448 Chemistry Building - 7.25 
Dr Patrick O'malley Reader 0161-3064536 Chemistry Building - 7.29 patrick.o' 
Dr Peter Gorry Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Tutor for Admissions 0161-2754676 Chemistry Building - 7.30 
Dr Neil Burton Reader 0161-2754684 Chemistry Building - 7.32 
Dr Joseph McDouall Reader 0161-2754720 Chemistry Building - 7.33 
Dr Mathias Nilsson Reader in Physical Chemistry Chemistry Building - 7.34 
Dr Jordi Bures Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 2754634 Chemistry Building - OFFICE 4.02G 
Dr Andrew Almond Reader John Garside Building 
Dr John Gardiner SL John Garside Building 
Dr Alexander Golovanov Senior Lecturer John Garside Building 
Dr Sam Hay Senior Lecturer John Garside Building 
Dr Nicholas Lockyer Reader 0161-3064479 John Garside Building 
Prof Nicholas Turner Professor 0161-3065173 John Garside Building 
Prof. dr. Rainer Breitling Professor of Systems Biology 0161-3065117 John Garside Building - 2.010 
Dr Lu Shin Wong Lecturer 0161-3068939 John Garside Building - 2.014 
Dr Anthony Green David Phillips Research Fellow and Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 0161-3065140 John Garside Building - 2.023 
Prof Roy Goodacre Professor of Biological Chemistry 0161-3064480 John Garside Building - 2.027 
Prof Eriko Takano Professor of Synthetic Biology 0161-3064419 John Garside Building - 2.028 
Prof Douglas Kell Professor of Bioanalytical Science 0161-3064492 John Garside Building - 3.017 
Prof Andrew Munro Professor 0161-3065151 John Garside Building - 3.026 
Dr Simon Webb Reader in Chemistry, Director of Research 0161-3064524 John Garside Building - G.019 
Prof David Leys Professor of Structural Biology John Garside Building - G.021 
Dr Neil Dixon Senior Lecturer 0161-3064537 John Garside Building - G.025 
Prof Jonathan Waltho Professor of Biophysics 0161-3064191 John Garside Building - G031 
Prof Sarah Heath Professor of Nuclear Chemistry 0161-2754545 Pariser Building - DALTON NI G FLOOR 
Prof Francis Livens Interim Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-2754325 Pariser Building - FLOOR G 
Prof Melissa Denecke Scientific Director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-64302/64507 Pariser Building - FLOOR G. 
Prof Martin Schroder Vice President and Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering 0161-3069119 Sackville Street Building - B1 
Prof Simon Pimblott Professor of Radiation Chemistry & Director, Dalton Cumbrian Facility Westlakes Science And Technology Park - 1.011 
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