NMR and IR Workshop

Students will receive an in depth presentation on IR and NMR analysis before having the chance to run an IR and NMR sample of an unknown solvent on our portable IR and NMR spectrometers. Students will be given elemental data along with the IR and NMR spectra for 11 unknowns to work through whilst waiting to run their own IR and NMR.

Maximum 30 students (minimum of 10) per session. Undergraduate and postgraduate chemistry students will support the students to help them work out the structures of the unknown samples.

This session is designed to enhance and support the learning of IR and NMR so it should not be booked an as in introduction to the topic. It is aimed at year 13 A level students.

Two hour sessions, all equipment and consumables are provided, funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry, though lunches for demonstrators are gratefully received!

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