Flash bang show

For year 8 and beyond. Any level, content is altered to suit, but particularly suited to year 9. These are ever-popular, spectacular visually and aurally.

There is a long tradition at the University of Manchester of delivering such demonstrations, most famously the ‘Son et Lumiere’ lectures of the late Dr John Salthouse. This tradition continues with several presenters, but mainly Dr Jonathan Agger and Dr Frank Mair.

Feedback (pupil):

"It was brilliant! I thought when they did all those bangs and things on TV it was just special effects and made up on a computer, not science….he was like a magician, I want to do that when I am older."

Feedback (teacher alumnus):

"They are all now interested in what you actually do at university and asking questions regarding careers in science and how you can get your job. They now actually recognise that I am a scientist and not 'just' a teacher."

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