Times Higher Education Magazine reports on Leverhulme Research Leadership Success

On the 4 April 2013, the Times Higher Education Magazine published the announcement that Dr Louise Natrajan was awarded a Leverhulme Research Leadership Award worth just under £1 million; "Imaging protocols to identify actinide speciation and migration in the environment by optical spectroscopy." The funding was awarded in October 2012.  

The Leverhulme Trust  awarded thirteen £1 million grants to researchers in a range of disciplines. Nominations for the Research Leadership Awards allowed each institution to nominate only one candidate who could "demonstrate that the work of his or her research group would bring about a fruitful reshaping of the disciplinary landscape".

The money will fund research teams, including assistants and students, studying topics including drug designs for sleeping sickness, solar energy harvesting, local health inequalities in the age of austerity, improving productivity in public services, and investigations into multilingualism.

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