Professor John R Helliwell: awarded Patterson Prize of the American Crystallographic Association

Congratulations to Professor John R Helliwell who has been awarded the Patterson Prize of the American Crystallographic Association

John Helliwell
Professor John R Helliwell

This Prize, awarded every three years, will be presented to John at the ACA Albuquerque meeting to be held in May 2014. The citation for the Award reads “…selected for his pioneering contributions to the instrumentation, methods and applications of synchrotron radiation in macromolecular crystallography.” The ACA Summer Newsletter, recently published, goes on to mention that he has “….nurtured a community of researchers devoted to continuously advancing technological and applicative aspects of synchrotron radiation.” John has been a Joint Appointee for much of his career with the Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS) at nearby Daresbury Laboratory, commencing in the 1970s. This included two periods as full time staff there rising to Director of SR Science and being in charge of the SRS in 2002. During this time he also worked tirelessly for the UK’s new Diamond Light Source (DLS), based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, and chaired the Research Councils Advisory Group input to the DLS Council (via the CCLRC CEO). John worked closely with several USA colleagues over the decades in collaborative research including a NATO funded collaboration with Stanford University and notably also with the University of Alabama in Birmingham, with Cornell University and with Chicago University. His work was highlighted in Scientific American. John’s University of Manchester PhD students played a major role in these research studies. For example:- Dr Ashley Deacon is now at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab, Dr Eddie Snell is at the Hauptmann Woodward Medical Research Institute in Buffalo, Dr Titus Boggon is on the Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty at Yale University, Dr Michele Cianci is instrument scientist at the EMBL PETRA III project in Hamburg, Dr Matthew Blakeley is the Laue Diffractometer instrument scientist at the Institut Laue Langevin in Grenoble and Dr Stu Fisher, most recently, is an instrument scientist at Diamond Light Source. A shared PhD student (with Dr Bill Hunter, now Prof at Dundee University) is James Naismith, now Prof at St Andrews University. In advisory capacities John is currently Chair of the Spanish Synchrotron Radiation Facility ‘ALBA’ Science Advisory Committee (SAC) and has Chaired the ESRF SAC, and chaired various reviews held at the Advanced Photon Source in Chicago.


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