Giles Edwards' Volunteer Work with the Recycling Organisation for Research Opportunities

Johannes Awaudza (UMIST Chemistry PhD) and Giles Edwards at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana – instalation of Waters Acquity TQD (LC/MS/MS).

Giles Edwards is a 1st year PhD student in Nick Lockyer’s group working on Laser Post-ionisation – Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry (LP-SNMS).  During Giles' spare time he volunteers for a registered UK Charity called the Recycling Organisation for Research Opportunities or RORO for short that specialises in facilitating the re-use and recycling of sophisticated scientific analytical instrumentation for academics in the Developing World.  The charity would like to express their gratitude to the School of Chemistry for temporarily donating some laboratory space for the testing of three mass spectrometers recently donated to RORO by the Waters Corporation.

RORO has shipped and installed mass spectrometry systems in Ghana and Oman as well as to some less affluent British Universities. The board of trustees are currently looking for new trustees or members to assist with their mission to empower academics in the Developing World; they provide research opportunities and facilitate capacity building.  If any colleagues are interested in getting involved please get in touch, they have engineering skills, a lot of instrumentation but currently have little knowledge when it comes to fundraising.

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