Winpenny Group: Top Chemistry News: nanocage match, the truth about hookah, a boron mind-boggle

An article published be the Winpenny Group "Controlled Synthesis of Nanoscopic Metal Cages" has been featured by Chemical and Engineering News.

According to Chemical and Engineering News, “Big nanoparticles” may sound like an oxymoron, but they are sought after by chemists pursuing materials for superfast quantum computers of the future. However, nanoparticles with consistent, predictable structures are hard to make. Scientists have struggled to synthesize uniform batches of nanoparticles larger than 4 nm across, typically ending up with a hodgepodge of molecules. Now, researchers led by Richard Winpenny have developed a method to make batches of identical organometallic cages 8 nm across that could one day form the foundation of a quantum computer.

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