Visiting researcher from South Africa

Dr Alice Brink, a lecturer from the University of the Free State (UFS), Bloemfontein, South Africa is again conducting research at UoM School of Chemistry from May to September.

She is hosted by Prof John Helliwell, Dr Louise Natrajan and Prof David Collison and will continue her study regarding the successful interaction of rhenium tricarbonyl complexes  with proteins determined via protein crystallography. Alice, a member of Prof Andreas Roodt’s research group (current president of the European Crystallographic Association) is a Vice-Chancellor’s Prestige Scholar and South African National Research Foundation grant holder, conducts crystallographic and kinetic mechanistic research in radiopharmaceutical drug design and homogeneous catalysis supported by SASOL Ltd.

The picture shows Dr Alice Brink (left) and Prof Andreas Roodt (right) at the Second South African School on Fundamental Crystallography as well as the IYCr Pan African and South African Summit meeting.

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