RSC and School of Chemistry prizes

News about prizes recently won by school members

RSC Prizes

Congratulations to three members of the School who have won RSC prizes.

Dr Sophie Harvey has won The RSC Ronald Belcher Award for her outstanding innovation in native mass spectrometry of conformationally dynamic proteins.

Dr Nick Chilton has won The RSC Dalton Young Investigator Award for his major contributions to theory and modelling in molecular magnetism.

Dr Patrick O’Malley has won The RSC Higher Education Teaching Award for the development and application of technical innovation in the teaching methods of university level chemistry education.

Prizes within the School of Chemistry

The School has also seen the success of staff in a range of academics prizes.

Professor Gareth Morris has won the James N Shoolery Prize which recognises “important contributions by an individual to the field of small molecule NMR spectroscopy”.

Prof John Helliwell has won the 8th Max Perutz Award of the European Crystallographic Association for his work developing the use of synchrotron radiation for crystallography.

Prof Eric McInnes has won the Chemistry prize of the International EPR Society for his contributions on EPR spectroscopy of exchange-coupled systems and transition metal complexes.

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