Report from the Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry

Representatives from the Nuclear FiRST DTC attended the Miller Conference on Radiation (an international Gordon Research Conferences style meeting).

Jenny Schofield, Greg Horne and Marisa Smith did exceptionally at the Miller, and presented Manchester and the Nuclear FiRST DTC at its best.

Jenny gave an invited lecture (45min) on her charge cycling experiments. Her talk was polished and professional and sparked a lot of discussion - handling the difficult questions well, and presenting as very informed.

Greg was awarded a “Baxendale Bursary” to pay for his registration, and gave a 20 minute student presentation on his studies of the radiolysis of advanced PUREX separation systems. The Baxendale Bursary scheme is named after a former member of the Victoria University of Manchester Chemistry Department, John H. Baxendale.

Marisa was awarded the prize for the best student poster on her simulations and theoretical work on low energy electron attenuation in condensed systems.

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