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A cyclometallated fluorenyl Ir(III) complex as a potential sensitiser for two-photon excited photodynamic therapy (2PE-PDT)

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Elizabeth M. Boreham, Lucy Jones, Adam N. Swinburne, Mireille Blanchard-Desce, Vincent Hugues, Christine Terryn, Fabien Miomandre, Gilles Lemercier and Louise S. Natrajan.

This article describes the synthesis and triplet oxygen sensing properties of a new Ir(III) cyclometallated complex bearing a fluorenyl 5-substituted-1,10-phenanthroline ligand ([Ir(ppy)2(L1)][PF6], ppy = 2-phenylpyridine). The effectiveness of this complex to act as a near infra-red induced photosensitiser for altering the morphology of C6 Glioma cells that represent malignant nervous tumours has been evaluated. In vitro experiments with C6 Glioma cells treated with [Ir(ppy)2(L1)][PF6], show that the complex is an efficient sensitizer for triplet oxygen, producing cytotoxic singlet oxygen (1O2) by two-photon excitation at 740 nm resulting in photodynamic effects that lead to localised cell damage and death.

The work described in this article is the first publication with the group's French collaborators Professor Gilles Lemercier (University of Reims) and Professor Fabien Miomandre (CNRS, Cachan, Paris), who kindly hosted two PhD students Elizabeth Boreham and Lucy Jones in their laboratories for two months. The work was funded by the EPSRC and The University of Manchester Dean's strategic funds.

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