ICARB Network Exhibition: Sweet Existence

On Monday 6th July in the MIB, IBCarb network showcased ‘Sweet Existence’ a vibrant, colourful collection of abstract paintings that promote the incredibly diverse and vital roles of sugars.

These paintings were commissioned by IBCarb and produced by artist Karen Barber who was in attendance. Delegates included Professor Martin Schroder, the new Dean for EPS, Professor Luke Georghiou, VP for Research & Innovation, representatives from MOSI and IBCarb Network members who had attended the IBCarb “Molecular Modelling of Carbohydrates” event which took place beforehand, organised by Professor Stephen Eichhorn (University of Exeter and IBCarb management team member) and Dr Richard Bryce (Manchester Pharmacy School).

The artwork is currently located in the MIB Atrium so please come and take a look! If you are interested in hosting part or all of the exhibition, contact Claire Doherty.

Professor Stephen Eichhorn (University of Exeter) introducing artist Karen Barber


Pulse I - In the bloodstream sugar molecules (green) are transported via blood vessels to supply energy to our cells.


Gold Plate I Sugar ‘chip’ for diagnostic devices. Sugar molecules can be attached to gold plates for study.


Power of Light A cross section of a leaf, stem and root. Chloroplasts (green) and stomata (red) play a role in photosynthesis – the conversion of light energy into chemical energy.

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