Discovery in music and science: the Graphene Suite

Cinzia Casiraghi was recently interviewed by Nature [Q&A: Maestros of graphene. C Casiraghi, S Lowes, M Peplow, Nature 522, 284-284 (2015)] about a recent project exploring the common ground between the creative processes in music and in science, particularly graphene.

Composer Sara Lowes has teamed up with Cinzia for a few months at the University with the aim to create a new piece inspired by her experience as composer in residence. The result of Sara’s visit is the “Graphene Suite”, a six movement piece of music, inspired by the self-motivation needed in both fields, the excitement that surrounds a discovery, the Flatland book, and finally the struggles and missed opportunities.

The project has been commissioned by Brighter Sound, who works on creative music-based projects. In particular, a female composer was selected to drive attention on the small number of women working in both composition and science. The project was featured in several local newspapers. A video of the first minutes of the composition can be seen below:

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