Crystallisation Down Under, Biggest Bangs by the BBC and RSC Dalton Northern

Crystallisation Down Under 2016 (A Molecular Scale Understanding of Crystal Growth)
Professor Michael Anderson has attracted some of the world's most renowned scientists on crystallisation to a meeting in January 2016 in Perth, Australia during his sabbatical appointment with Julian Gale at Curtin University. The aim of this meeting, which has been funded by The Leverhulme Trust, is to bring together experts in crystal growth from both experiment, theory and computation for a discussion regarding the molecular mechanisms of crystal growth. Details of the meeting can be found at So if you are passing by please come along or if know anyone who may be interested please bring this to their attention.

Biggest Bangs by the BBC
Dr David Mills has been acknowledged by the BBC for providing advice during the filming of their new interactive game, "Biggest Bangs". To play the game viewers may choose two simple chemicals to combine, with the aim of causing the most spectacular reaction. The game has been filmed and produced by BBC Brit, a subscription channel owned and operated by BBC Worldwide.

RSC Dalton Northern
The School of Chemistry hosted the RSC Dalton Northern Regional Annual Meeting on 30th June. Over 150 delegates attended from nine different universities in the Northern region, with students and PDRAs presenting their work through oral and poster presentations. Liam Curless from Dr Mike Ingleson's group and Irem Yalavac, a PhD student with Prof. David Procter and Dr Louise Natrajan, gave oral presentations on their PhD research.

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