Professor Douglas Kell recent publications

Professor Douglas Kell has published a number of recent papers in January

Publication in Metallomics

Prof Douglas Kell has had a paper entitled 'Serum ferritin is an important inflammatory disease marker, as it is mainly a leakage product from damaged cells' published in Metallomics 2014.

The accepted manuscript can be found here.

Publication in PLOS One

The following paper has been published in PLOS ONe 9, e85271

Pretorius E, Bester J, Vermeulen N, Lipinski B, Gericke GS, Kell DB (2014) Profound morphological changes in the erythrocytes and fibrin networks of patients with hemochromatosis or with hyperferritinemia, and their normalization by iron chelators and other agents.

The article can be viewed here.

Publication in Molecular BioSystems

Prof Kell has had the following article published in Molecular BioSystems 10:

Dikicioglu D, Oc S, Rash B, Dunn WB, Pir P, Kell DB, Kirdar B, Oliver SG (2014) Yeast cells with impaired drug resistance accumulate glycerol and glucose.

The article appears on pages 93-102 and the PDF is available to view here.

A full list of recent and past publications from the Douglas Kell Group can be viewed at

Publication in Drug Discovery Today

Prof Douglas Kell and Prof Royston Goodacre have had an article entitled 'Metabolomics and systems pharmacology: why and how to model the human metabolic network for drug discovery' published in Drug Discovery Today.

The online version is available to view on the publishers website.

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