NMR 2015 - Applications in Industry Director: Dr Vasudevan Ramesh

The Intensive 2-day workshop in NMR (spectral analysis and interpretation) went off successfully in January 2014 for the fifth year in a row. 

As in previous years, the CPD workshop received good feedback from the participants. We were also fortunate to generate sustained sponsorships and support from various sources despite difficult economic conditions.

Looking ahead, the application of NMR in industry (polymers, materials, nuclear, food, heathcare to cite just a few) in recent years has witnessed very rapid growth fuelled mainly by all round advances in NMR instrumentation technology. It is hoped to attract excellent speakers from the UK and overseas at next year’s NMR-2015 CPD event (date to be finalised) to capture the latest and exciting NMR developments in various branches of industry. It is hoped the event will stimulate interest and provide opportunities for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals to enhance their skills base which is so vital nowadays in industry and academia alike. Further information can be accessed on the NMR 2015 webpage.

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