Manchester Researchers Publish Scaleable Route to New Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Phosphorene

A multidisciplinary team of scientists from the Schools of Chemistry and Materials Science led by Professor Paul O’Brien FRS and Dr. David J. Lewis which also included Dr. Nicky Savjani, Mr. John R. Brent (Chemistry), Mr. Edward A. Lewis and Dr. Sarah J. Haigh (Materials Science) have recently published a simple and scaleable route towards a phosphorus-based graphene analogue based on exfoliation of a layered form of elemental phosphorus in liquid.

The material in question, ‘phosphorene’, has excited scientists worldwide (see this article in New Scientist) as, unlike its two-dimensional counterpart graphene, it has a band gap and the flow of electrons can be controlled. This will potentially allow the realisation of new devices and technologies in a future electronics industry based on two-dimensional materials. The open-access article by Brent et al., the first from a British group on this fascinating material, is published in the journal Chemical Communications.

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