Dr Richard Layfield - Edge Article in Chemical Science

Richard Layfield and co-workers published an article in Chem. Sci. entitled “Addition of Pnictogen Atoms to Chromium(II): Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of a Chromium(IV) Phosphide and a Chromium(III) Arsenide”.

The chemistry represents an unusual and potentially general method for the transfer of phosphorus and arsenic ‘atoms’ to transition metals from readily accessible organo-phosphorus and organo-arsenic precursors. Even more intriguing is the access that these reactions provide to rare structural types and to metals in unusual formal oxidation states, such as chromium(IV) in the cubane-like [Cp*CrP]4.

This article also includes a DFT study by Dr. Joe McDouall, with magnetic measurements being made by Eufemio Moreno Pineda, a PhD student in the Molecular Magnetism Group.

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