Dr Gareth Law - STFC Env-Rad-Net Synchrotron Winter School held at Diamond Lightsource

STFC Environmental Radioactivity Network (Env-Rad-Net) Directors Gareth Law (Chemistry) and Sam Shaw (SEAES) recently held a highly successful 3 day Training School at the Diamond Lightsource.                                                                                              

The School attendees represented 8 different UK institutions (both academic and industry) and the three day event focussed on the application of Synchrotron techniques in Environmental Radiochemistry research. Here, material was taught across a range of theory and data processing sessions, with additional experimental work in support of UK nuclear research being conducted at the Diamond i18 (micro-focus spectroscopy beam-line) and i13 (Diamond/Manchester X-ray Imaging branch-line) facilities. Context talks were also provided by Dr Ray Kowe (NDA-RWMD), Dr Carolyn Pearse (UoM Chemistry), and Prof. Katherine Morris (UoM SEAES and UK Mineralogical Society Distinguished Lecturer, 2014).

The expertise and assistance of all Diamond and Manchester staff involved in organising and/or teaching at the the School is gratefully acknowledged, as is the allocation of beam-time on both i18 and i13. More information about the Env-Rad-Net can be found at www.envradnet.co.uk.

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