Dr. David Mills: Blueprint to High Temperature Single Molecule Magnet Revealed

Scientists at the School of Chemistry have prepared an unprecedented near-linear two-coordinate samarium complex, and have used this to predict a chemically feasible high temperature dysprosium single molecule magnet (SMM). SMMs have been the subject of intense interest for the last quarter of a century as they have been lauded as excellent candidates for high density data storage.

The molecule was synthesised by PhD student Conrad Goodwin, who works in Dr David Mills' group, and calculations were performed by PhD student Nicholas Chilton, who works in Prof. Richard Winpenny's group.
Unlike other SMMs in the literature, which require expensive liquid helium cooling to operate, the predicteddysprosium complex is anticipated to operate above liquid nitrogen temperatures, making this technology commercially viable. The article "The first near-linear bis(amide) f-block complex: a blueprint for a high temperature single molecule magnet" has been published in Chem. Commun.,2015, 51, 101. (DOI: 10.1039/C4CC08312A).

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