Dr. Alistair Fielding Publication

The Fielding group has been part of an international team of researchers, which has solved a long-standing mystery in biology, by identifying the molecular structure of a vital biological chemical.

The debate – which has raged within the scientific community for years – boils down to something as “simple” as a hydrogen atom: is it there, or is it not? The controversy centres around heme enzymes and their oxidised ‘ferryl’ intermediate called Compound I. The question is whether this oxidation involves just an oxygen atom (O), or a hydroxyl group (OH). The paper, Cryo-neutron crystallography captures the protonation state of ferryl heme in a peroxidase, has been published in Science: DOI: 10.1126/science.1254398.
EPR work was performed by Maria Grazia Concilio (Bruker Studentship) in the Photon Science Institute.

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