Biocat and BIOTRAINS Poster Prize

Poster prizes for Dr. Friedemann Leipold

Dr. Friedemann Leipold, a PDRA working in Professor Nick Turner's group, has been awarded the Biocat Poster Prize 2014 for the poster (F. Leipold, S. Hussain, S.P. France and N.J. Turner (2014), Two enantiocomplementary imine reductases from Streptomyces sp. – versatile biocatalysts for the synthesis of chiral cyclic amines), presented at the Biocat Conference 2014 in Hamburg.

Dr. Leipold has also received a BIOTRANS ChemCatChem Poster Prize at the Biotrans 2013 conference in Manchester for the poster (F. Leipold, D. Ghislieri, S. Hussain and N.J. Turner (2013), Whole-cell enzymatic reduction of cyclic imines using an (S)-imine reductase).

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