Dr Mike Ingleson: Hot Paper in Angew Chem

Dr Mike Ingleson's paper "Haloboration of Internal Alkynes with Boronium and Borenium Cations: A New Route to Tetra-Substituted Alkenes" has been chosen by the editor's of Angew Chem as a hot paper.

Dr Mike Ingleson

Tetra substituted alkenes represent an important family of biologically active compounds exemplified by Tamoxifen which is one of the leading drugs used to treat breast cancer. However, they are compounds that are challenging to produce as single isomers via classic synthetic routes. Here at the University of Manchester we have developed a new and simple route to tetra substituted alkenes in which the key step is the haloboration (concerted addition of a halide and a boron moiety) of an internal alkyne using inexpensive cationic boron compounds. This produces a single isomer of a functionality rich tetra substituted alkene which is readily amenable to further chemical transformations particularly by Suzuki-Miyaura cross coupling to produce innumerable tetra substituted alkenes.

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