School installs world’s best X-ray crystallography system

The highest performance lab-based X-ray crystallography system in the world has been installed in the School of Chemistry.


A joint investment by the University of Manchester and Rigaku Oxford Diffraction worth £1.5 million, the XtaLAB FR-X DW X-ray diffractometer system comes equipped with the ultra-high brightness FR-X rotating anode dual wavelength X-ray source. In addition to a fully automated crystal handling robot system, it has the latest technology HyPix-6000HE hybrid photon counting area detectors.

Just a short time after its unveiling, the XtaLAB FR-X DW is already enabling clarification of the detailed construction of up to 20 new material structures daily. The world-leading equipment will now provide support for metal-organic frameworks, radiochemistry, molecular architecture and molecular robotics research, among a host of other areas.

“This is a further investment from EPSRC in the School of Chemistry at Manchester. This is world-leading equipment to support world-leading science … I believe we are now among the best equipped Schools of Chemistry for X-ray diffraction studies anywhere.”

Prof. Richard Winpenny, Head of School

In the words of Head of School, Professor Richard Winpenny: “This is world-leading equipment to support world-leading science.”

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