Professor Nick Turner Awarded ERC Advanced Grant

Warm congratulations to Prof Nick Turner who has secured a European Research Council Advanced Grant worth €2.4M to fund his project "Biocatalytic Amine Synthesis via Hydrogen Borrowing (BIO-H-BORROW)"    

Prof Nicholas Turner

The project started in June and will run for five years. Prof Turner commented:

'This award of an ERC Advanced Grant will allow our group to fully explore and develop the concept of biocatalytic 'hydrogen borrowing' which we recently demonstrated for the synthesis of amines. Our new approach, based upon coupling alcohols and amines directly, is highly atom economic and produces water as the only by-product. With funding from the ERD AdvG we now have the opportunity to investigate the scope of this transformation and apply the method broadly to target molecule synthesis.'

'Both the School of Chemistry and the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology offer the ideal environment in which to undertake this research, as a result of the world-class facilities available which will enable us to attract the very best PhD students and postdoctoral co-workers.'


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