New members of staff

Welcome to three new members of staff: our new Professor in Organic Chemistry, Prof. Igor Larrosa, our new Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Dr. Daniele Leonori and our new Head of Mass Spectrometry, Dr. Ilya Strashnov.

Professor Larrosa joins us from Queen Mary University of London where he was Lecturer in synthetic Organic Chemistry, and where he was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2011 and to Reader in Catalysis in 2012. His current research interests are in the area of catalysis, with particular emphasis in the development of novel transition metal catalysed transformations involving C-H and C-C activations.

Dr Leonori has joined us from the University of Bristol where he was the Research Officer in Prof. Varinder K. Aggarwal's FRS research group. His current research interests are in the area of asymmetric catalysis, organometallic chemistry and physical organic chemistry.

Dr Strashnov is our new Head of Mass Spectrometry. For contact information and information about the Mass Spectrometry Section please see the new updated web page 

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