Dr. Jennifer Slaughter and Dr. Nicholas Weise awarded Senior Fellowships of the Higher Education Academy

Dr. Jennifer Slaughter and Dr. Nicholas Weise have recently been awarded Senior Fellowships of the Higher Education Academy

Nick’s award is in recognition of his on campus and distance learning course design and support of researchers and those new to teaching within both the School of Chemistry (Faculty of Science and Engineering) and the School of Biological Sciences (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health). Jenny has been acknowledged for her work as coordinator for the School of Chemistry Teaching Laboratories and provision of Graduate Teaching Assistant development training across the faculty.

The Higher Education Academy is a professional body for the promotion of teaching excellence at UK universities and other institutes of tertiary education. The academy confers the award of Senior Fellowship in cases where individuals have demonstrated a sustained record in higher education, with particular emphasis on effective leadership, organisation and management of specific aspects relating to teaching and learning provision.

Both Jenny and Nick worked for their awards through the Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP). LEAP supports staff in documenting and evidencing teaching excellence by linking together those working on their portfolios, enabling peer mentoring to support the professional development process. There are two pathways to achieving accreditation: the written portfolio and the oral presentation. Jenny and Nick worked towards their fellowship through different routes.

Jenny is a Lecturer in the Teaching, Learning and Scholarship of Chemistry. She started working on her written portfolio during her time at the University of Bristol; she was supported through LEAP to complete the process by reflecting on her journey across institutions.

“I chose the written portfolio route because it required me to create a reflective account of my practice; this has flagged some of the strengths and weaknesses of my teaching approach. It’s given me a network of people to talk about teaching with and also a focus for career development as a teaching-focussed academic”

Nick is the Public Engagement Programme Manager for the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and also works as a postdoctoral research associate within the groups of Professor Sabine Flitsch and Professor Nicholas Turner. He chose to present his teaching case studies through an oral presentation followed by a 20 minute discussion with assessors on the transition from student facilitator to staff coordinator of peer-and e-learning initiatives.

“I found the presentation quite challenging as I have never presented about myself or about the subject of teaching before, but overall it was a great experience to help me consolidate my experiences to date and plan for a future working in higher education”

LEAP is available for postgraduate researchers, academic, research and PSS staff, who want to evidence their commitment and contribution to teaching. For more information visit the LEAP website.

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