Chemistry Postgraduates impress at School research conference

Congratulations to our PhD students who won prizes for exceptional posters and talks

Head of School Richard Winpenny with the prize winners

The 1st Chemistry Postgraduate Conference was held on the 9th and 10th June 2016. A fantastic mix of top-quality science was presented by 59 final year PhD students and 48 2nd year PhD students, ranging from novel synthetic methodologies and supramolecular chemistry, to nanoparticles and functional materials and to cutting edge spectroscopy and computational biophysics.


Prizes for the best oral presentations were awarded to:

Organic Section:

Malcolm Gall (Prof. Leigh)

Gregory Perry (Prof. Larrosa)

Wojciech Zawodny (Prof. Clayden and Prof. Turner)

Inorganic Section:

Chloë Oakland (Dr. Natrajan)

Alasdair Formanuik (Dr. Mills and Dr. Natrajan)

Andrew Warner (Dr. Ingleson)

Physical and Theoretical Section:

Nathan Beal (Dr. O’Malley)

Rebecca Dey (Prof. Budd)

Stephen Worrall (Prof. Dryfe)


Prizes for the best poster presentations were awarded to:

Organic Section:

Huanming Huang (Prof. Procter)

Jacob Davies (Dr. Leonori)

Jan-Marc Henry (Prof. Micklefield)

Inorganic Section:

Peter Rought (Prof. Schroder and Dr. Yang)

Andreas Kostopoulos (Molmag group)

Thomas Rookes (Prof. Liddle)

Physical and Theoretical Section:

Daryl McManus (Prof. Casiraghi)

Aline Theisen (Prof. Barran)

Kieran O’Brien (Prof. Kaltsoyannis)


The organizing committee would like to extend their thanks to the judges and session chairs, and their congratulations to the winners and all the attendees.

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