Symposium on NMR Applications in Industry

24 July 2015

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 Date  24 July 2015
 Registration  19 December 2014 – 20 July 2015
 Director  Dr Vasudevan Ramesh
 Keywords  NMR Symposium, Continuing Professional Development, NMR in Pharmaceutical Industry, MRI Imaging, NMR of Polymers and Materials.


Significance: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a powerful, continually evolving analytical technique with widespread applications in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and medical sciences. This technique has made rapid advances over the last two decades, both in theory and in application, and works in conjunction with modern computer and information technology. There is a growing need for skilled personnel trained in NMR.

The proposed symposium is part of a continuing professional development programme that highlights the application of latest NMR technology in different industrial sectors. The aim of the event is to provide an opportunity for scientific and technical personnel from various backgrounds to gain awareness of a rapidly developing technique (NMR) and to explore new areas of investigation in industry, where there exist avenues for professional skills enhancement. The lectures will be delivered by leading experts in NMR applications.

Sponsors: The symposium is sponsored by Bruker UK, Wiley, RSC Publishing, Garland Science (Taylor & Francis Group), Oxford University Press, Sigma-Aldrich, GOSS scientific instruments, Alfa Aesar, CK Gas Products, Akcros, Smith Scientific and Magritek. The event is also promoted by Chemicals Northwest.

Pre-requisite: Degree or equivalent in Science or Engineering with knowledge of Chemistry.

Intended delegates: Research and technical staff in R&D laboratories (chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical), University academics, Postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers, Industrial R&D Managers, Biochemical, Biotechnology and Healthcare professionals, IT professionals.

About the Symposium Director: Dr Vasudevan Ramesh is an academic member of staff in the School of Chemistry. He teaches NMR at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Manchester and pursues an active research programme on NMR applications in chemical and biological sciences. In addition, he also serves as the Scientific Editor (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and Member of the Editorial Board of the Specialist Periodical Reports published annually by the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, U.K.


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