Scientific glassblowing

The School's glassblowing workshop covers all aspects of scientific glassblowing, including hot and cold glass working.

The Glass Workshop is fully equipped for the production of specialised glassware, to satisfy the needs of research groups and teaching laboratories in many departments around the University.

All types of glass and ceramics can be worked, to produce apparatus for a wide range of processes including vacuum systems, electro chemical cells, reaction vessels, all types of column and electrodes. Help and advice is available, before the construction of glassware, especially unusual items.

Examples of work undertaken:

  • Design and execution of custom glassware
  • Vacuum systems and apparatus
  • Jacketed vessels
  • Glass electrodes
  • Electro chemical cells
  • Chromatography, sintered and jacketed columns
  • Modifications and repairs of existing glassware
  • Soda, borosilicate and quartz glassware

For further information contact David Marshall by email or call 0161 275 4670.

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