The Alan Turing building.

The electronics section has many years of experience in designing and repairing electronic equipment. If you have a specialist piece of equipment that requires bespoke electronics designing or repairing we are happy to quote a price.

The areas of expertise:

  • Repairs.
  • AML Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) gauge controllers.
  • MicroMass and SX200 quadrapole mass spectrometer controllers.
  • All laboratory based equipment.
  • All repair enquiries will be considered, pay for carriage to and from the School of Chemistry and we will quote you a price for the repair (if it is possible).


  • All aspects of control/interface electronics can be designed.
  • High voltage supplies.


Alan Turing Building
Photon Science Institute, Room 3.316
Oxford Rd
M13 9PL

Opening times (10am-4:00pm)

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