Services for industry

We offer a wide range of analytical services.

The School is able to offer valuable services to industry from world class analytical services including NMR, Mass Spectrometry and X-Ray Diffraction to bespoke manufacturer and repair employing our mechanical and electronic workshops and our highly experienced glass blower. 

The School of Chemistry in Manchester has a diverse selection of analytical tools that are available

  • NMR - There are a selection of liquid NMR instruments ranging from 200 to 500 MHz and a solid state NMR with experienced staff able to advise and perform experiments
    • 1D and 2D multipulse techniques etc
  • Mass Spectrometry - a large range of spectrometers to meet any need.
  • MicroAnalysis - From CHN to thermal gravimetric analysis we can provide quick and competative analysis
  • X-Ray Diffraction - Simple powder XRD measurements to full single crystal analysis with structure determination we can help you.
    • Three area detector diffractometers working at Mo K-alpha radiation for single crystal studies but also small forensic size powder diffraction measurements can also be performed.
    • Two powder XRD diffractometers both fitted with environmental cells allowing dynamic measurements involving temperature and gas composition
    • One SAXS diffractometer, suitable for performing SAXS measurements on powders, gels and liquids. Also, equipped with a GISAXS stage for investigating SAMS and thin films.
  • EPR - The School has the national facility for EPR with experts that can advise you on your experimental needs.
  • HPLC/GC, Infra-Red and UV-Vis measurements can all be undertaken.
  • Electronics and Electrical - Repairs of various scientific equipment. Design and construction bespoke solutions.
  • Mechanical Workshop - 'One off' concept manufacturing, repairs/maintenance of rotary vacuum pumps undertaken.
  • Glass Blower - Repair and manufacture of glassware.

If you think that we may be able to help please contact us.


The School has outstanding facilities, with for example nine high resolution NMR spectrometers and one solid state, three area detectors and several powder systems for X-ray crystallography and it hosts a national EPR service. Its research has been recognised both by funding bodies, who are currently providing over £40 million of research grants and by numerous national and international prizes and awards.

Our research community includes over 70 postdoctoral researchers and 220 postgraduate students. We have research links with over 80 different companies and over 150 overseas universities and research institutes.

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