Who's who in the School of Chemistry

These are the key contacts for the School of Chemistry

Professor Richard Winpenny


Head of School


Tel: 0161 275 5773
See also: Richard's School profile 

Mrs Rachael Barker


Head of School Administration


Tel: 0161 275 1424
Email: Rachael Barker@manchester.ac.uk

Louise Wood-Sanna


Executive Assistant to Head of School & Head of School Administration

Tel: 0161 275 4609

Email: louise.wood-sanna@manchester.ac.uk

Professor Andrew Horn


Director of Teaching


Tel: 0161 275 4618
Email: Andrew.B.Horn@manchester.ac.uk 
See also: Andrew's School profile

Professor David Procter

David Procter


Director of Research


Tel: 0161 275 1425
See also: David's School Profile


Dr Andrew Regan

Dr Andrew Regan


Director of Undergraduate Studies


Tel: 0161 275 4617
Email: andrew.regan@manchester.ac.uk
See also: Andrew's School profile

Dr Neil Burton


Director of Postgraduate Studies


Tel: 0161 275 4684
Email: Neil.Burton@manchester.ac.uk 
See also: Neil's School profile

Emma Reilly


Research Support Manager


Tel: 0161 275 1323
Email: Emma.Reilly@manchester.ac.uk 

Ms Karen Charters

Ms Karen Charters


Student Experience Manager


Tel: 0161 306 4417
See also: Karen's School profile

Mr Mike Carroll


Technical Services Manager


Tel: 0161 275 4742
Email: Michael.Carroll@manchester.ac.uk

Mr Simon Holden


Health & Safety Adviser


Tel: 0161 306 0577
Email: Simon.Holden@manchester.ac.uk
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