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Sabine Flitsch

Professor Sabine Flitsch

Sabine graduated from University of Münster in Germany with a Diploma in Chemistry, followed by a PhD in 1985 from Oxford University and postdoctoral stay at MIT (with HG Khorana). She has held a lectureship in chemistry at Oxford University, a chair in chemistry at Edinburgh University and was appointed in 2005 to her present position at the University of Manchester. She currently holds a Wolfson Merit Award from the Royal Society. She is married and has two boys (born 1996 and 1998).

"Having children and working full-time is a challenge, but large universities such as The University of Manchester can generally be more flexible and accommodating than many other employers."

Professor Sabine Flitsch

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Sabine says:

Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre

"I am located in the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocenter (MIB) and particularly enjoy working in cross-disciplinary projects together with analytical scientists, cell biologists and medics."

Sabine's Research


Sabine is using chemical tools such as microarrays to study the role of sugars in cells and organisms.

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