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Eric McInnes

Professor Eric McInnes

Professor Eric McInnes is the Head of Inorganic Chemistry and Co-Director of the EPSRC funded National Facility for EPR Spectroscopy. His research interests are in coordination chemistry and spectroscopy, focussing on the magnetic properties of molecule-based materials. He was appointed to a lectureship in 2000, was promoted to a personal chair in 2007 and took on the role of Head of Inorganic Chemistry in 2008. He has two children under the age of 10 who keep him very busy and tired.

"The early stages of your independent academic career are really important in building your research group and reputation and involve a great deal of hard work. Like many people I was attempting to do this at the same time as starting and raising a family, and also balancing this with my wife’s career. We’ve always shared the responsibilities for the school run, holidays, etc and the ability to work flexibly was (and still is) really important. Getting the balance right is still difficult, but it would have been impossible without the active support of the School senior management through the years."

Professor Eric McInnes

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EPSRC National EPR Facility

Photon Science Institute
Photon Science Institute

Eric works in the School of Chemistry, and directs (with David Collison) the EPSRC National EPR Facility which will shortly move to new labs in the Photon Science Institute.

Eric's research


Eric’s research interests focus round EPR spectroscopy and molecular magnets.

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