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Anna Valota

Dr Anna Valota

Dr Anna Valota is a PDRA in the School of Chemistry. In 2005 she completed her academic studies (BSc, MSc) in Materials Engineering at 'Politecnico di Milano', Italy. She then worked for a year in a leading microelectronic company as Process Integration Engineer. In 2007 she commenced her PhD studies at the Corrosion and Protection Centre of the University of Manchester. In November 2010 she celebrated the first birthday of her daughter along with the beginning of her three years contract. Her research areas, varying from growth of anodic films to exploitation of titanium oxide nanotubes in dye-sensitized solar cells, are now widening into the electrochemistry of graphene and carbon nanostructures.

"I was positively surprised to discover that there are nurseries operated directly by the University of Manchester and open to staff and students. I’m now taking advantage of one of them and I believe it’s an excellent benefit for my family and for many others."

Dr Anna Valota

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Anna says:

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov
Andre Geim (left) and Konstantin Novoselov. Nobel Prize laureates in Physics.

"It's inspiring and exciting to work inside the framework of a huge research project like the one focusing on graphene. I'm surrounded and supported by smart, brilliant colleagues... including two Nobel prizes!"

The School of Chemistry

University of Manchester Building

Anna is based in the Chemistry Building, but since her research project involves the School of Materials, the School of Physics and the Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology, she actually has access to a vast number of different facilities.

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