The art of chemistry

Art on display at the University of Manchester's School of Chemistry

Composition Demonstrating the Translucency of Paint based on the 3-Dimensional Structure of PTFE (1999) - Tim Willoughby

Art Tim Willoughby

Willoughby is known for the conceptual nature of his art, so this piece seems somewhat disjointed from the rest of his work:

"Willoughby teases the viewer into rethinking their assumptions about art: what is it for, does it have a use, or is it all about uselessness? If art is a respite from the goal-driven activities of daily life, what kind of uselessness qualifies as art and what is just, well, useless!?” - from

Chemistry (1994) - Joanne Hare

This piece is a felt and embroidery display of the word 'Chemistry' mounted on linen and was the winner of the Campus Appearance Competition for a wall-hanging. The Campus Appearance Committee was responsible for brightening up the UMIST campus, notably funding sculptures such as Archimedes by Thompson W. Dagnall (1990) and The Generation of Possibilities by Paul-Frank Lethewaite, which can still be seen today.

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