Personal Tutors

All members of staff in the School are available to help you; however you are assigned a Personal Tutor who should, in most instances, be your first point of contact if you have anything you wish to discuss.  This should include any personal or academic concerns you may have.

Your Personal Tutor has the responsibility of monitoring your progress through your programme of studies, for marking year one skills course assignments and for unofficial disclosure of exam marks.  Normally your Personal Tutor will also act as your academic subject tutor in one area of Chemistry. 

It is important that you see your Personal Tutor regularly.  Personal Tutors are usually called upon to provide references to prospective employers on your behalf.  The better your Tutor knows you, the easier it will be to write an effective reference and thus more likely you will be considered for a job

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Andrew Regan currently acts as Director of Undergraduate Studies and has responsibility for the welfare of all undergraduates in the School. He is responsible for monitoring attendance and academic progression. If you are thinking of leaving your degree programme, interrupting your studies, or transferring to a different degree programme, you must see the Director of Undergraduate Studies. If you have any academic problems that your Personal Tutor can’t help with you should contact Dr Regan. He will also be the person who will chase up any missed compulsory sessions that the university puts on such as labs or tutorials.

Programme Director

Each degree programme has a Director who is responsible for the smooth running of the programme and for the 'Chemistry with' degrees to act as a liaison for the subsidiary subjects. A list of programme directors can be found in your programme handbook.

Director of Teaching

The Director of Teaching is Dr Andrew Horn, who has overall responsibility (under the Head of School) for the undergraduate programmes in the School of Chemistry. He is responsible for the development of the undergraduate curriculum. The Director of Teaching also chairs the Staff-Student Liaison Committee and meets regularly with Student Representatives.

Education Office Staff

The Education Office is located on the ground floor of the Chemistry building and is open from 9am - 5pm each day. The office is managed by Karen Charters who is the Student Experience Manager.

Abigail Webb acts as Disability Coordinator for all Chemistry students, you can also speak to her about support or mitigating circumstance matters.

Education Office staff can assist you with queries relating to timetables, teaching, student records, the student system or any other administrative queries. From here you can obtain forms for interruption, withdrawal, change of programme or certification of ill health and you should inform a member of the Education Team if you are absent from classes or examinations due to ill health. You will also submit assessed work to the office at certain points of the year.

You can also make an appointment to see the Director of Undergraduate Studies via the Education Office staff.

Student Representatives

In order to represent your views two Student Representatives are appointed from each year group. Their role is to represent your views on the Staff-Student Liaison Committee. If you have any problems with aspects of your course then your Student Representatives may be able to help you. Elections will be held in the first few weeks to determine who will be chosen.

University Support Services

The University has a huge range of professional support services designed to help students from all backgrounds.

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