MSc Chemistry Course Units

The MSc programme consists of six taught lecture units and an extended research project.

Each of the six taught units contributes 15 credits making a total of 90 credits. The extended project contributes a further 90 credits.

A summary of the programme structure is given below.  Please click on the unit code for a more detailed course unit description.


Unit Code Unit Title Semester Credits
CHEM61041 Organic Chemistry 1 15
CHEM61201 Spectroscopic Techniques 1 15
CHEM61521 Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry 1 15
CHEM61082 Soft Matter Chemistry 2 15
CHEM61302 Crystallography and Solid State Chemistry 2 15
CHEM61000 Research and Communication Skills both 15
CHEM61022 Research Project 2* 90

* The research project runs from April to September


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